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      ●   Provide full range of electrical systems(HW/SW) + Professional technical support.
      ●  Sustainable research on open source& compatible design, develop more innovation and patent output.
      ●   Rapid response, regional approach, classified spare parts inventory.
      ●  Focus on product lifecycle managementservice, provide professional solutions of operation and maintenance market.
      ●  Improved security, cost efficient and high reliable.

      Renergy electric wind field transformation content

      Wind Farm Retrofit Service: 

      -WTG LVRT retrofit

      -WTG retrofit for suitability to local conditions
      -Power output optimization
      Spare part supply
      -Main Control System Retrofit

      -Control strategy optimization
      -Software upgrade (power management, active and reactive power control, Communication with  SCADAsystem
      -Replacemain control system.
      Converter Retrofit
      -LVRT reform (whole unit orcontrol elements).
      -Localization process of imported cabinet.
      -Entire replacement.
      Pitch System Retrofit
      -Replace the control box completely (motor reserved optionally).

      -Add over-speed protection module.
      -Back-up power unit retrofit.
      SCADA Optimization
      -Add SCADA system to wind farms
      -Integrate different WTG types into one SCADA system
      -Integrate different SCADA systems into unified display interface

      Main Products


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